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Here are the details for the internal tank adapter system

Step 1

Start with a Breakmate that has been attached to the water source. Press and hold the little red button near the CO2 hookup area to make sure all pressure has been released. The button will stay in when there is no pressure. Turn on the Breakmate and allow it to fill completely with water (pumps will stop automatically).

Insert the adapter as shown into the Breakmate.

Step 2

Close the black handle to secure the adapter.

Step 3

Unscrew (counter clockwise) the top of the black on/off valve. This is the closed position of the valve. Proceed to screw the valve onto one of the special slim CO2 tanks. Slide the CO2 tank under the black handle with the nipple up. It is ok if the black handle flips up, just push it down again once the CO2 tank is in position as shown here.

Step 4

Connect the Stainless Steel line to the nipple on the CO2 tank. This is a quick release fitting; slide the ring back while pushing it onto the nipple.

Step 5

Now you are ready for gas! Turn on the on/off valve by turning the top clockwise all the way.

When the valve is in the on position, you should never touch the quick release fitting as it is under great pressure.

Changing a tank

To swap in a new tank, un-screw the top of the on/off valve to turn off the tank and to release the pressure in the line. Some residual pressure may be present but as long as the valve is un-screwed the system is safe to touch.

Proceed to undo the quick release fitting. This will free the tank to slide out and allow you to slide a full tank in. You will not lose any pressure in the Breakmate's carbonator since the internal regulator has a check valve.

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