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Supplies to feed your Breakmate

All Paypal orders now include a flat $15 shipping charge.
Note some items include additional S&H due to insurance, size or weight.

REFILLABLE Breakmate syrup boxes are again AVAILABLE! While we are no longer able to get the original syrups from Coke, these empty GoodTime Cola containers are refillable hard plastic containers that are refillable nearly indefinitely.

Syrup Containers
EMPTY reusable, price is for one container.

Contact us for ordering, very low stock, only new breakmate orders will be able to order containers at this time sorry !!

Syrup is contained in 1-Liter boxes specially designed for the Breakmate. Each 1-Liter box will make approximatly 35 drinks depending on how the machine's drink strength is adjusted.

To order Breakmate Refillable Containers: Contact us via EMAIL
$36 each, includes shipping

CO2 Bottles

CO2 is the magical gas that makes soda taste so good and feel so bubbly. CO2 is held in a high pressure bottle designed for the Breakmate. These ultra compact refillable bottles are pressurized to 700 PSI or more! Unfortunately due to Federal regulations, these bottles cannot be shipped full. I include one empty bottle with each Breakmate. Additional bottles can be purchased in the parts section of this website. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make sure they can get these bottles filled at their local gas supply shop (welding supply in the Yellow Pages). If you cannot get these filled locally, please proceed to the accessories page for information on the remote CO2 adapter kits.

There are adapters to fill the Breakmate tanks, but they are rare and expensive. Currently I have a small supply of the CO2 Filling Stations for $599 plus shipping. Contact us for more information on those.

Breakmate CO2 Bottle

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