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Replacing the syrup compartment sensor

Follow these steps to replace your syrup sensor.
According to the service manual for the Breakmate: Replacing the sensor takes about two hours of tedious work with basic tools (cutter, needlenose pliers and soldering iron)... It probably won't take that long for most people.

The syrup sensor is located under the bump in the bottom of the syrup compartment near the screw hole shown below.

Gently place the machine on its back. This is not recommended but really the machines can handle it. The compressor supposedly can be damaged, but they are rolled around by Fedex all the time so a little time on its back shouldn't hurt it.
What your goal is: Cut a rectangle hole in the metallic cardboard to gain access to that bump from below. Here is a picture of where you should be cutting:

Cut this hole out with a sharp box cutter or razor. It doesn't need to be exact. There is a lot of foam in that area, which you can pick away till you get to the sensor area. The sensor is actually tucked up into that bump so it won't be obvious right away that you've reached it. You do NOT have to cut any plastic to get at it. The picture below is what you shouldn't do (too much cutting and the plastic should not be cut)!

There are two wires connected to the sensor. It may be necessary to damage them under some circumstances, but care should be used since if they aren't damaged you don't need to do any soldering.
If they are corroded, you need to salvage as much as you can so that it can be re-attached or extended so that you can connect them to the new sensor.
soldering may be needed if the old wire is too far gone to re-connect.
Below is a picture of the connection to the control board. The right two wires (red,red) are the wires going to the sensor. If you need to, you can easily splice into them at this point and run a fresh set of small gauge wire to the sensor. This is the best solution so you can abandon the corroded wire all together.

Once your all connnected back up, tuck the sensor up into the white bump. You can stuff something that won't dissolve if wet into the hole to keep it in position and to fill in the void where the foam was.
Seal up the area nicely with some duct tape.

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