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Breakmate Parts & Repairs

Got a broken Breakmate??

Maybe yours isn't this bad, but even if it is we can bring it back to life! Our repair services can accept Breakmates of all types for repair. Due to the fact that Breakmates haven't been made new for about 9 years it is expected that most machines will need some repair at some point, although Breakmates are extremely reliable. I have several machines in the field that have been in continual service for 10 years without a major repair!

A very sad GA3000
Repairing your machine starts off with a free diagnosis over the phone or through email. If it is determined that the machine must be serviced by Mr. Breakmate, the machine must be delivered or shipped to us. Shipping charges both ways are the owner's responsability. A fair and timely estimate will be issued once the machine has been evaluated. A $50 diagnostic fee will be assessed whether or not you choose to repair the machine.

Want to fix it yourself??

For minor repairs, shipping the machine to us would be unnecessary. We carry a full line of user replacable parts such as dosers and control boards. Pricing will vary from time to time, so please email us for latest pricing. We're also glad to give out some free technical support over email if that's all you need.

If you are just looking for the users manual for the machine, here it is in .pdf format.

Parts Available for Immediate Purchase Online:

All Paypal orders now include a flat $12 shipping charge.
Note some items include additional S&H due to insurance, size or weight.
Pricing increasing due to lack of inventory. Running out of everything, get it while you can.

Breakmate Doser Valves.

To order Doser Valves:
$75.00 Each (New, almost out!)

Breakmate Doser Valve

Three Doser Rebuild Kits.
If you doser is not cracked, but it leaks a little this new set of rings should solve the problem. They are made of very high quality silicone, hence the price. Certainly less than buying a new doser (see above). You get 3 sets of the rings shown here, enough for 3 dosers.

To order Doser Rebuild Kits:
$SOLD OUT (3 kits)

Breakmate CO2 Tanks.
(Certification may be expired)

To order Spare CO2 Tanks:
$SOLD OUT Each, Empty
$2 Additional shipping each for more than one

Replacement Breakmate Agitator Assembly.
This is what keeps your carbonator from freezing to a solid block and it also helps to carbonate the water. If your water tastes like burnt plastic and/or you aren't getting any water out of your machine you may need a new agitator. See the Q&A Forum for clues on troubleshooting the agitator. Old style agitators are prone to failure.

If you have the old style plug, you will need to save the plug and splice it onto the new agitator. If you can't do this yourself, let me know, I have a few easy plug-on adapters left. Send me an email if you need help. Click here for a picture of the old and new plugs.

Instructions on replacement are here in .pdf format.

To Order an Agitator Assembly (NEW):
$249, 110V, 60HZ (USA voltage)

Breakmate Agitator Assembly

Watermate Inlet.
This is the white part that screws into the pump inside the Watermate. It sometimes will break if you drop the Watermate or if someone slams the water reservoir into the Watermate.

To order a Watermate Inlet:

Syrup Compartment Temp Sensor.
Symptoms include flat soda and a warm syrup compartment regardless of how long the machine has been running. First check the connection to the control board, but likely this part has corroded. Click here for directions on how to replace it.

To order a Syrup Compartment Temp Sensor:
$75.00 Each, New No longer made, what we have in stock is all that is available! Contact us, we may have a used one for $40 plus shipping.

Syrup Compartment Temp Sensor

Standard 3-Button ECU Unit.
This is the standard ECU control board. If yours is broken, I can give you a $25 credit if you send me your broken one when ordering a replacement.

To order a Standard 3-Button ECU Unit:
$100.00 Each, Used
$4 Additional Shipping

Standard 3-Button ECU Unit

Standard 3-Button Flavor Selector Panel.
A new replacement 3-button front panel with selector buttons and new flavor card.

To order a Standard 3-Button Selector Panel:
$40.00 Each, New

Standard 3-Button Selector Panel

Smart Board ECU Unit.
The smartboard has several additional functions over the standard ECU. These include low/sold out syrup indicators, water-out, CO2 out, night security lockout and memory to retain settings through power outages.
The syrup low/sold out is all adjustable and basically counts how many drinks dispensed and will flash a light next to the flavor should it reach some set threshold.
The water-out requires an internal water flow sensor, which is rather rare (at least for the machines I've seen).
The smartboards are no longer available from Coke, so supply is very limited.
Most smart boards need a different front panel kit with either 3, 5 or 6 buttons. If you have the right front panel flavor card, you can toggle between 3 sizes of drinks and get soda-water-only. The sizes are 3/6/9 ounce opposed to the standard two size toggle you can get with the standard front panel and size modification jumpers I offer.

To order a Smart Board:
$215.00 Each, Used
$4 Additional Shipping

Smart Board ECU Unit

Pump Rebuild Kit.
This kit includes a new impeller wheel, bushings and a new gasket. This will repair the pump part of the Watermate pump and the Breakmate's internal pump. The pump motors are generally robust, so this is much better than replacing the whole pump and motor (which is about $150).

To order a Pump Rebuild Kit:
$65.00 Each, New

Pump Rebuild Kit

Outlet Valve.
This is the part that the water shoots out of. Time to replace it if your water tends to dribble out especially under low CO2 conditions.

To order an Outlet Valve:

Complete Mixing Channel.
The top flat part is optional. It reduces splashing, but is also the most expensive component of the assembly. The machine will work fine without it, and a lot of my machines didn't have them. You have the option to purchase it without the optional top. All available tops are used but in nice condition.

To order a Complete Mixing Channel:
$75.00 Each, New

New Complete Mixing Channel used top
Mixing Channel without TOP $45

Inlet Valve.
This is the part the waterline connects to. It has a tendency to crack if the machine is exposed to freezing temperatures with water still in the pipes.

To order an Inlet Valve:

Inlet Valve

Complete Drip Tray.
A new drip tray and new black insert. Note that the new replacement trays do NOT have the Coke cup logo and arrow (no decals at all).

To order a Complete Drip Tray:
$35.00 Each, New

Complete Drip Tray

Replacement Cosmetic Components.
A very limited supply of NEW replacement components are available for the standard red Breakmate machine. All new components do not have any Coke logos on them. The front logo kit can be affixed to the syrup door and front plastic housing that is an exact replica of the painted on original Coke logos. Unfortunatly there is no logo kit available for the metal housing. Please allow addtional shipping time for these parts as our stock of these fluctuates frequently.

Syrup Compartment Door
The door that covers the syrups. Pin not included, save your old one (if you need a pin ask us). No logos, so get a logo kit if you want the Coke logo.

To order a Syrup Compartment Door:
$125.00 Each, New

Syrup Compartment Door

Front Housing
The whole front red plastic part of the Breakmate not including the syrup door. No logos, so get a logo kit if you want the Coke logo. When replacing your existing parts, keep all the miscellaneous hardware from the old parts (clips, pins, etc).

To order a Front Housing:
$175.00 Each, New

Front Housing

Rear Metal Housing
The whole rear and sides of the Breakmate is metal. This is a single piece. No logos (logos are not available for the sides at this time).

To order a Rear Metal Housing:
$175.00 Each, New

Rear Metal Housing

Coke Logo Kit
This logo kit is a quality stick on logo, which was made for Coca Cola as a replacement for the painted on logos. This logo is almost exactly sized the same as the painted on logo (they did a very nice job copying it). One logo kit includes the left and right sides of the logo (syrup compartment and right front housing section).

To order a Coke Logo Kit:
$20.00 Each, New

Coke Logo Kit

Complete Visual Makeover Package
This assembly of parts will make your Breakmate look as good as new. The kit includes a new front housing, a new syrup compartment door, a new rear metal housing, a new 3 button selector panel with flavor card, a new drip pan with drip pan insert and the Coke logo kit. When replacing your existing parts, keep all the miscellaneous hardware from the old parts (clips, pins, etc).

To order a Complete Visual Makeover Package:
$575 Each kit, all new parts. RARE
$25 additional shipping

Complete Visual Makeover Package

Special payments section

Type of Payment Amount or Invoice Number

Please email for additional parts information and technical support.

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