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These are the standard Breakmate configurations

Standard Breakmate Unit

This is the standard Breakmate unit. When you purchase a machine from us, you can feel secure with a 6 month warranty. Each machine is fully cleaned and sterilized inside and out and tested extensively. Now includes 3 new or regasketed dosers and new standard front panel and flavor card. Email us for more information!

GA3000 Beverage Dispenser



Add a Watermate Attachment

Just one of the many accessories available for the Breakmate is the Watermate attachment. With the Watermate attached, the Breakmate is totally portable! No need to attach your Breakmate to a water line.

GA3000 with GW4500 attachment



Add a Coin-op Attachment

For those who like to charge their office staff, familiy or friends for soda this Coin-op attachment will do the trick. Several models are avaialable. Each model has different functions, but they all peform the same duty: prevent unautorized use of the machine and to help pay for a machine placed in a commercial location.

GA3000 with BA320 Coin-op



Please note that to insure customer satisfaction, we prefer to discuss your needs and budget before taking an order for a Breakmate machine. This is why we do not allow online ordering for the Breakmate machines themselves other than the ready to go system on our homepage. For customers with a machine, many of the supplies and parts needed for the machines are available online for immediate purchase for their convenience.

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