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What is a Breakmate?

Breakmate Basics

The Coca-Cola Breakmate machine was produced exclusively for Coca-Cola for the purpose of supplying small offices or other commercial locations with FRESH, COLD, PERFECT tasting soda. Although Breakmates can only be found used now, thanks to Coke putting further manufacture on hold, the machine for sale here has been FULLY RECONDITIONED by our full-time Breakmate Service Professional. Any Breakmate sold through us is covered by a 6 month warranty which is unheard of in the Breakmate community! If at any time during the six month warranty period should you experience any mechanical problems with your Breakmate, our highly knowledgeable staff will repair the unit with no cost to you except shipping (if the problem requires shipping the unit to us). Previous listings for Breakmate machines on the Internet by other people have been sold as-is, but we have access to parts and services that no individual can match.

The Breakmates sold by us are identical to the one pictured above. These are ideal for any environment where free soda is needed in small or even large quantities! Many of our customers are individuals who desire a soda fountain for their office, but don't want the hassle or expense of a full sized restaurant system. All that is required at the location is a power outlet and a fresh water hose identical to the ones used for refrigerator ice-cube makers. These can be place literally anywhere. Dimensions of the standard machine are 18x12x22. You wouldn't believe how much of a conversation piece they can be!

Operating the Breakmate is simple and fun! Syrup housed in the refrigerated syrup compartment is mixed with cold carbonated water then pours into a cup, all at the press of a button. There are three flavor selector buttons to choose from. Each press of the button produces a perfectly measured and mixed cup of cold soda.

The Breakmate uses pre-filled soda syrup containers that can be purchased through any Coca-Cola dealer, including us. Currently, the available flavors can be found on our syrups page. Each container is enough for approximately 35 drinks, depending on how strong you like your soda! Here's what they look like:

In order to make the carbonated soda water, the Breakmate uses the unique compact CO2 cylinder (1 included) shown below. These cylinders can be refilled very inexpensively by any Breakmate dealer. We offer this service to local customers (in Massachusetts).

Here's an inside shot of the refrigerated syrup and CO2 cylinder compartments.

Most importantly, here is a picture of the Breakmate in action! Perfect every time!

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